Is there a deduction in case of exchange or return?

If the receipt is available no , if not the value of the gold would be calculated based on the value of that date.

Do you have delivery ?


Can you post to other cities?


If the customer possesses coin of stone , can you design it based on the existing models in your shop(do you accept)?


Can you redesign an existing gold in your shop ?

Yes, we will redesign it to your liking.

What are your after sale services?

If the damage done to the product is caused by us the product will be completely out of charge.

Do you accept the design and making of name symbols?


Is there an extra charge included for special orders?

If it is chosen from the regular models in the shop the answer is no and if not it is calculated based the formula of handiwork.

Is there a possibility of exchange with the gold , coin or exchange?


Is there a possibility of exchange in all three branches?

Yes, you can exchange your product in every branch regardless of which branch you have bought it from